Food industry components

Food industry components

Food Componenti

Simple solutions for complex projects

Know-how of excellence

Bardini designs and manufactures components and assemblies for the FOOD sector, such as:

  • food and drink vending machine components
  • popcorn dispensers
  • coffee brewing machines

The specialization of Bardini in this sector is such that we deposited numerous industrial patents, both on individual components and assembled units.


The presence of some companies that produce professional espresso machines has created an industrial district, which Bardini Srl is also part of. This allowed the acquisition of specific know-how that is applied both to the manufactured parts and to the planning capacity the company is able to express. The design of new products is sometimes generated by the need to improve existing products (improvement); other times, on the other hand, it starts from the needs of the customers and the market (innovation).

Popcorn dispenser

Among the intellectual property of Bardini Srl is a Pop Corn dispenser for instant preparation starting from kernels. It is a device in possession of all the certifications required in order to operate in public places intended for Vending. In addition to technical solutions for this dispenser, the company has also handled its design, particularly directed at an audience of young people and children. In this regard, the company is interested only in supplying the dispenser, not in the management of the Vending process.

Food and drink vending machine components

Professional espresso machines and drink vending machines have some construction similarities that allowed the company to be present also in this significant market segment that shows a continuous growth.